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Ooh, La La... Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

This week members of the International Ladies' club spent some time at Diamonds International for a shopping event. Mercedes took good care of all of us and made our group feel special! What was supposed to be a private shopping event changed to an open store event because of the Covid landscape. Diamonds International gave the ladies who attended this event a chance to win a beautiful tanzanite bracelet (valued at $900.00) to make up for this change.

Our group was treated with bubbles and a quick try on a Debeers diamond necklace, bracelet, and ring, total value at $1,000,000.00! What a once in a lifetime event! Thank you to Diamonds International, Mercedes, and to the thirteen International ladies who shared this moment!

Congratulations to Candy, the winner of the beautiful Safi tanzanite bracelet!

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