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Cooking with Greg

What a fun morning was had when the ladies gathered at the home of Patty Kohler for an interactive cooking session with a Greg who had been persuaded to come along by his volleyball team mate to instruct ;-) We certainly looked the part with our chef's hats and pinnies!

We started off with some mimosa's to get us in the mood followed by tips on knife and chopping skills before we gt to grips with the tapas menu plan for the day. ( No fingers were lost in this activity lol )

In pairs we prepped and cooked the various dishes with some help and tips from Greg along the way before settling down to the serious business of tasting all our creations along with a glass in wine.

There was some fun had when the ladies took turns to flambe shrimp with tequila!

Everyone commented on what a fun morning it was and we have to thank Patty for hosting the event and to Greg for the fabulous menu and instruction.

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