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Bucks Fizz and Books

The October Book Club meeting at Ruth’s was an early immersion to the holiday spirits with nothing less than Buck’s Fizz and lemon curd filled panettone to welcome us. Thank you Ruth!

Kirsty Wark’s debut novel “The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle“ received a solid average of 7,5 points and a big thumbs up from the majority of the nine ladies present.

Two ‘odd fives’ did come from Ladies who found it “plain in language” (Chris B ) Or “soap opera quality“ (Natasha).

Ruth had prepared discussion topics which we enjoyed debating and we u deed could relate to many aspects arising from the lives of the story’s main characters. Interestingly we were also reminded that not that long ago, women once engaged to be married, no longer were allowed to keep their jobs! The predictable love matches as well as the good fortune that all characters seemed to have time after time was a bit unrealistic, and the “baby in the wall” grand ending only managed to surprise some very few.

All in all, a fun, easy and entertaining book, set on the small Arran island with beautiful views and the scent of flowers almost popping out of the pages.

Thank you to all present and participating via email.

Please take note of the next book club meetings:


Tuesday, November 26 @ 10 am

Barbara is hosting


Sea Women

By Lisa See


‼️Please note:

December regular meeting is postponed and converted into our very special “holiday social “ featuring ILC “Best Book of the year Award”

(Based on the book ratings)

‼️Wednesday 8 January ,

6-8 pm

Natasha is hosting

Book to read;

White teeth by Zadie Smith

“Set in post war London this novel is about the racial, political and social upheaval of the last half century and follows two families, the Jones’s and the Iqbals, both outsiders from within the British empire, as they make their way in modern England.”


Tuesday, 28 January @ 10 am

Jennifer is hosting


To the Wedding by John Berger

Available via Book Nook , 15$ , delivery time about 10 days.

This is all for now , anybody wanting to host 2020 season book clubs, please contact me for available dates, and have your selected book title ready!

Happy reading!



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