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"Us Seven" discussed "Us Three" by Ruth Jones - December Book Club (Christmas style!)

Tuesday morning we met at Ruth’s - the Christmas decorations, festive pink bubbly and delicious panettone lifted the spirits to the roof! Ruth - Thank you for hosting, you always go the extra mile!

It was a lively exchange of Christmas memories from around the globe before we got into “business,” which of course was the BOOK! - Ruth Jones’s novel “Us Three." Everyone found the book an easy read, enjoyable. The overall rating was 6.75/ 10. Some comments I was able to record while indulging in all the delicious cheese and sweets: Natasha (7.5) pointed out a lack of character development, and she “had trouble picturing the three ladies.” Ruth (7), who chose the book, said it was because she likes Ruth Jones, a very famous screenplay writer. “Us Three” is her second novel; according to Ruth, her first novel, “Never Greener,” was very “sexy” - just that you know - we might want to check that out! Andrea (8) and Lindsey (8) both enjoyed the read as the book was one you can easily put down and continue reading without having to trace back on plot etc. Enjoyable read. Candy (6.5) thought that the ending was disappointing, and sometimes the book felt like a soap opera, with very predictable relationships. She also observed that all male characters in this book were very likable, which is not very common in literature, mainly directed to female audiences. Chris (5) wrapped her comment short, “it was fine” - I (also 5) agreed with her - it was totally fine- but there was nothing NEW or really exciting in it. Jennifer (7), who couldn’t make it to the meeting, said: “ I give the book a 7 even though I haven’t finished it all. Easy reading, always something to anticipate. I was looking forward to the groups' view of the Jamaican mother. I hope to finish it while I’m in Little Cayman tomorrow.” Now that we totally missed it!!! Maybe there IS some more depth to the story? Apologies also came from Lyn and Katie - sorry you had a hard time finding the book - it was a recent one and from the UK! There was no lack of topics to discuss: the vast majority said they believed in “love in first sight” - the opinions on the importance of “significant female friendship” varied from “vital” to “somewhat important,” good stories were told about reuniting with long lost friends, forgiveness, and with Ruth’s Welsh pronunciation corrections as we didn’t even get “Catrin” right, let alone those totally unpronounceable long words for Welsh traditions!

Our reading list for the beginning of 2021 is:

January 26 “Lady in waiting” by Anne Glenconner
February 23
"The Bright Hour" by Nina Riggs

***Anyone wanting to pick a book and host in March, please get in touch. At our January meeting, we shall reveal the “best book of 2020” - and much more - don’t miss it!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin Happy holidays - and happy reading!

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