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The Island of Sea Women

Thank you Barbara for hosting and all ladies attending , please see the perfectly timed “selfie” , courtesy of Chris B. - we had a splendid morning.

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa Sea got ratings between 7 and 9 - if you missed it you can learn about the strong South Korean women “fast track” watching these videos, we did just that to add spice to the meeting.

Everyone agreed that book was well written, carefully researched, nice structure, story line extending to cover a better part of a whole century, island flavor, haenyeo tradition, world history - delicious little details popping up here and there to make it a memorable read.

Jennifer via email said:

“What a lovely book. So well written! Such a sad story and in typical Asian style, presented with such calm.

Sorry I won’t be there for the discussion. I rate this book as a 9 out of 10 points. I would go as far as to give it 10 but 9 from me please “

Please take note of the rather altered end of the year schedule. December: no meeting.

Natasha kindly hosting the Christmas party passé with bubbles, West Bay , Wednesday 8 January, starting 6 pm.

Ladies attending , please RSVP, and please bring a cocktail appetizer to share for the evening out with “White teeth” by Zadie Smith.

Don’t miss this start of the 2020 book lovers’ celebration. And please keep an eye on emails if you signed up for book club-

End of January Book is “To the Wedding “ by - Jennifer is hosting and February book info will be sent to all signed into book club very shortly.

Happy holidays to all and let’s start 2020 in blazing numbers with “white teeth” at Natasha’s.

Last but not least, anyone wanting to host and choose a book for March and onwards, please email Kirsti - book club days are the last Tuesday of the month, 10 am, unless other arrangements have mutually been agreed on.

Looking forwards to an exciting new season.

Happy reading !

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