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Once We Were Yours - Book Club

We had a very successful February book club meeting at Chris’s South Sound residence. Eight ladies present, the book, “Once We Were Yours” , historical fiction, by Lisa Wingate, was well received and got an over all rating of 8.2/ 10 points.

Many ladies had been intrigued to do extra research on the child trading issue, past and present, and about the main character, the notorious Georgia Tann, director of the Memphis-based adoption organization, who kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families all over the United States .

Thank you Chris for the great book selection, for hosting and leading the club discussion. And thank you all participating - it’s always such a special time we have together! Bunny Holmes was granted “grandma” status while off island and unable to join us, we hope to hear from You via email!

We discussed orphanages, foster homes, adoption, surrogate mothers - all very delicate issues. The life’s mysteries are never ending - we all have secrets!

Here are some comments I managed to scribble down :

Barbara: “Never read a book I didn’t like! Interesting history there - Hollywood stars adopting - buying only beautiful kids”. Barbara also mentioned that the author’s (Lisa Wingate, x-romance story writer) writing style better but still low.

Candy: “Fascinating, loved the story”

Ruth : “Time frame switches convenient. Balance between the abuse and the current life of the ‘rich and famous’ welcome feature-

Romance part maybe unnecessary”

Jan: “People getting away , people still doing - good holiday read”

Our Next book club meetings are:

March 31, Candy is hosting in South Sound

Book: “Educated” by Tara Westover

(I have one copy available, first come first serve)

April 28, Laurence is hosting , South Sound

Book: “China Dolls” by Lisa Lee

May 26, Suzanne is hosting,

7 MB

Book : “The Elephant Whisper” by Lawrence Anthony

Meetings take place on Tuesday mornings 10 am, the host provides coffee/tea/ biscuits.

Please RSVP, (directions will be sent out to only those who confirm attendance)- and of course - as always - please be prepared to tackle our discussion topics!

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