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October Book Club - Giver of many stars!

October meeting at Chris’ house was eventful in many ways - while waiting for our “lost in google maps” new members ( Warmly welcome Elisabeth!) and the sleep-in forgetful Ruth and Candy - we enjoyed the beautiful view of South Sound waves rolling in. Thank you Chris for hosting!

A good crowd of eight ladies present, 10.30 we started the meeting discussing JoJo Moyes “ The Giver of Stars ."

Lindsay, with apologies, participated via email - “I really enjoyed the book. I liked the way the story involved a lot of history about the area without feeling that you were being educated. All the characters were very believable and I loved the way they all related to each other. I would give this a score of 8. Hope you all have a great morning. lots of love Lindsay x ️️️”

Thanks, Lindsay, we did, you were missed, and we all wish you well, and to see you around very soon!

Lindsay's rating is a very good indicator of the "General Opinion!"

Overall rating 7.5 / 10

Yes, almost everyone enjoyed the book very much, and we want to say special thanks to Suzanne Robinson for yet another great recommendation. We also send congratulations to Suzanne for recently becoming a grandmother!

What did we say about the book:

  • Christine Smith (8,5) ”feel-good book, enjoyable, well written”

  • Andrea (9) “Adventure, I got into the storyline. Battle against men. Loved the Characters. Cried and hold breath. Got involved. Needed to end happily “

  • Chris B. (9) “Easy, lively read. Not very lyrical. Adventure, feeling being in the situation, people living through a hard time in backward Kentucky”

  • Elisabeth (3,5) “Hallmark channel book with happy ending”

  • Jennifer (9) “based on historical, importance of education”

  • Candy (8) “writing good flow, broad picture of what women did, balanced description. Enjoyed how diverse group of ladies get together”

  • Ruth (7) “enjoyed, lacked credibility, enjoyed towards the end”

  • Kirsti (5) “super promising start, the plot soon faded, terrible ‘picture perfect' motion picture happy ending’ spoiled it all!”

We all agreed that JoJo Moyes’ penmanship is flawless and easy flowing. She has made a big move from bestselling romance literature writer to historical fiction.

Unfortunately, the plagiarism issue popped up, I’m including the link if you want to read more about the issue.

It won’t stop the motion picture production - we all waiting to see how that comes out!

Next Book club meetings are:

November 24

“Mao’s Last Dancer” by Li Cunxin

Jennifer is hosting, GT School district.

!! There are two editions in the bookstores - one is for young adults - I recommend you get the longer original version.

December 15

“Us Three” by Ruth Jones

Ruth is hosting, West Bay.

This doubles out as our Christmas Party.

January 26

Elizabeth is hosting - 7 MB

Book: TBA

Hope everyone enjoying ILC Book Club, happy reading, and please come up with your book suggestion- the 2021 season is still “wide open”

Any questions/ comments, please get back to me anytime.

Happy reading!


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