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News for 5th February

This was a really fun week with the Backyard Farmers Visit and also the Monthly Breakfast. Fun things to fill your week up with. This is as well as the usual activities of Mahjong and Pickleball. I hope none of you were bored!

The Backyard Farm Visit was very well supported and although the sun got hotter during the time we were there, all ladies seemed to enjoy the outing. There were some cute animals and many fruits which we were able to sample straight off the plant.

Our Monthly breakfast was also supported well and the venue outside with shade was lovely. The sound of the fountain into the pool behind us was a lovely backdrop.

We have our Fortnightly Needlecrafters meeting happening this Wednesday so please don't forget this event. It will be taking place Near Bodden Town so don't forget to factor in travel time. You may wish to car share to have some company on the drive. You may even wish to engage in Car Karaoke! Please RSVP so we can let our host know how many ladies to expect.

Unfortunately, our bowling event has had to be cancelled for this month only as the alley is closed for a meeting. Please sign up for next month instead.

Don't forget to RSVP for our Afternoon Tea Party at the Ritz. The time will pass really quickly, and it will soon be upon us. You may need to make time to shop with friends for a Hat!! Don't forget you can choose to have the Afternoon Tea with Champagne if you wish.

Don't forget to check the Special Events to see if we have added anything new since last week. As it happens there is a new Games Night planned for April Put it in your diary!

Please read the Newsletter and RSVP for any event which takes your fancy. It is great that so many activities are being scheduled but without your support they are no fun!

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