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News for 4th February 2024

Updated: Mar 4

I hope that you all have had a fantastic week and are enjoying the cooler weather.  It has made it more pleasant to get out and about and some of our ladies took that opportunity last Monday.

The ladies visited the Botanical Gardens and had a fun time walking round and seeing all the beautiful flowers and trees. After the walk they went for lunch, so a wonderful day was had by all.

We also had our Breakfast meeting last week and we welcomed some new members which was wonderful.  Some ladies also brought their visitors with them, so we were able to meet and talk to even more ladies.  You can never have too many people to chat to!  It was a really good turnout.  You should come and swell the numbers and find out the fun and scintillating conversation that goes on over the meal table. 

Our rescheduled Needlecrafters meeting went ahead as well but please don't forget that the schedule gets back on track this week with another Needlecrafters meeting.  There is always something to stitch or mend and some chatting that needs to be done. 

On Thursday our bowling group will be meeting.  If you would like to be part of this then please press the RSVP button in the Newsletter or email  Thank you.

Please read the body of the Newsletter (found here) which will draw your attention to some booked events and also a proposed one.  We love to bring different things for you ladies try out, but we need to know who is interested.  Please RSVP so that we know if we should pursue the event.

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