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News for 31 March 2023

Hello Ladies,

I trust that you have all had a great week and managed to find many fun things to do.

I think it has been a quiet time this week with only our usual weekly activities going on and no special activities organised.

However please don't forget our monthly breakfast which is taking place on Thursday 6th April at 09.30.  This will happen at Fidel Murphy Irish Pub.  Please don't forget to RSVP so we can put your name on the list of attendees.

I would hate for you to have a wasted journey to Fresh so I will remind you again that as we approach the Easter holiday Mahjong will not take place on; -

Friday 7th April

Tuesday 11th April

Wednesday 12th April

Friday 14th April.

We are sorry about this as we are sure that there will be some very disappointed ladies.  You will be extra excited to play by Tuesday 18th April!!

Please sign up for our next Bowling Session on 13th April.  Use the RSVP button to show your intention to participate. It should be a fun event.  No previous experience necessary.  Just come along and enjoy.

If you attend an event, please take some photos and email them to me and I will include them in the Newsletter to let everyone know what fun is to be had at an ILC event.

I hope you all have a great week doing whatever takes your fancy and please let us now if you have any suggestions of activities that we can add to our schedule. You can read more about upcoming events in the full newletter found here.

As it is Easter next weekend there will no Newsletter next weekend.  Hope you have a fantastic Holiday Season.

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