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News for 28 May 2023

How are you all after another week?

This week our extra-curricular activities were our Book Club and our Happy Hour. 

Both these events were enjoyed by those who attended them.  Much fun was had.  Why don't you come along and see what you are missing.  The Book Club is held on the fourth Thursday of the month at Fresh at 2.00 pm and the Happy Hour is held on the last Friday of the Month at 6.00 pm.  This repetition makes it so much easier to plan your diary.

At present we do not have a venue for our June Happy Hour which will take place on Friday June 30th 6.00 pm till 8.00 pm.  If you think you may make a great host, then get in touch with me.  All you need to provide is a venue, a table and paper plates.  The ILC has plastic glasses which are collected by me and washed by me, so you don't even need to wash them up!  If you can't do June but could do a different month, then let me know when you could do and we can pencil that in the diary!

This coming week we have the Needlecrafters meeting to look forward to.  Please press the RSVP button in the Newsletter or email if you would like to join in the group.

The weather is certainly getting lovely and warm.  Is it too hot for you to play Pickleball?  I hope not!  I trust that you are still managing to get up early and get to the courts before the sun has managed to rise too far in the sky and you are able to have a fantastic game.  Please send in some new photos.

Who would like to join us for this month's Breakfast?  Please RSVP or email  We will be eating at the Marriott and as you know there is plenty of parking.  It should be a great morning.  Please come and join the fun. I look forward to a great chat with you all

Please don't forget the tour of the National Gallery which will follow our Monthly Breakfast this week.

Take a look at our full newsletter to see all the event details and photos.

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