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News for 24 March

I hope this Newsletter finds you all well and happy. I trust that you are all looking forward to the events that are planned for the coming week.

We had a wonderful afternoon this week at the Silver Palms Lounge at The Ritz for our Afternoon Tea. There were many ladies present at the afternoon and the venue lent itself very well to the gorgeously turned-out ladies with their beautiful hats. I noticed quite a few of the tourists' heads were turned at our marvelous display. I have put the photos of this event at the bottom of the Newsletter so don't forget to take a look. You might find one of the pictures a little strange. It is a photograph of only feathers. There is a story around those feathers, which found themselves on one of our lady's fascinators. The lady in question picked up some guinea fowl feathers from our recent Special Event trip to The Backyard Farmer. The very creative side of her character kicked in and she attached the beautiful feathers to her fascinator. It really looked fantastic!

Please don't forget the Happy Hour which is taking place along Seven Mile Beach next Friday 31st March at 6.00 pm. You will be sorry if you miss it. When we held our Happy Hour at this venue last year it was a huge success. Please push the RSVP button if you wish to attend so that we can inform your hosts how many people to expect. Don't forget that this is one of our events where you are encouraged to bring partners.

As we approach the Easter holiday, please note that Mahjong will not take place on; -

Friday 7th April

Tuesday 11th April

Wednesday 12th April

Friday 14th April.

We are sorry about this as we are sure that there will be some very disappointed ladies. You will be extra excited to play by Tuesday 18th April!!

If you have fun at the events that you attend why not encourage your friends to join the ILC and see what they are missing? We have had quite a few new members lately and it is very encouraging to hear that our ladies are singing the praises of the ILC and encouraging others that they know to come along and see for themselves.

We have had some wonderful Special Events organised lately and it has been fantastic to see that these events have been so well supported. Please keep up the good work.

Please sign up for our next Bowling Session on 13th April. Use the RSVP button to show your intention to participate. It should be a fun event. No previous experience necessary. Just come along and enjoy.

If you attend an event, please take some photos and email them to me and I will include them in the Newsletter to let everyone know what fun is to be had at an ILC event.

I hope you all have a great week doing whatever takes your fancy and please let us now if you have any suggestions of activities that we can add to our schedule.

You can find the full newsletter here.

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