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News for 23rd January

The weather has been a little chillier than normal I feel, and the sea certainly feels a little cool. Having said that it hasn't stopped many people enjoying the sea and the sand.

Hero's day is today, and I hope that that hasn't stopped you all being able to get out and about and being able to do all the things that you have planned to do with your day. If you went on the organised trip to the Caves with lunch, I hope that you enjoyed the drive, the Caves and the lunch.

Last week we had our first Lunch of the year and that took place at Luca. We had a tremendous turnout which was wonderful to see. The food and the service from the venue was good also. No one was in a hurry to leave so that is a sure sign that the ladies enjoyed themselves. If you haven't ventured to one of our Lunches yet try our next one and see if it is something that you would like to put on your calendar on a regular basis. You might wish you had done it sooner!

Please don't forget to press the RSVP buttons this week. We have two events that don't happen every week to look forward to. We have our Needlecrafters event on Wednesday afternoon and our Happy Hour on Friday evening. Both will be fun in differing ways.

that has all the details of upcoming events and our usual activities and clubs.

To get all the details of upcoming events and our usual clubs and activities, please click here for the full newsletter.

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