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News for 23 April 2023

How are you all this week?  Have you all had an exciting week?  

We had our first Games Night this week and although I wasn't present the pictures that were sent for inclusion in the Newsletter seems to suggest that you all had a great time.  I hope to hear all about it when I see you next.

We also had our Monthly Lunch so there was no shortage of things to keep you all busy this week.

Please note from the Newsletter that we have organised a Cooking Morning for all those inclined to chop and peel!  It should be a really fun morning and the best part of it is you get to eat the product of your industry afterwards.  We haven't scheduled an event like this since before Covid so it will make a wonderful change.  Last time an event like this was arranged it was completely filled so if you would like to attend, please don't leave it too long to RSVP

As ever, please RSVP in good time for any event that we organise so that our host knows how many ladies to expect for each event.  Thank You. You can see all of our upcoming events and photos from our recent events on our full newsletter that you can find here.

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