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News for 21 May 2023

And another week has rolled around without any of us noticing, and what have we done with our time?  If any of you wonderful ladies would like to write a piece about your escapades on the island from one weekend to the next maybe we could entertain ourselves with what you submit? 

There were two extra meetings going on this week.  We had the Needlecrafters meeting on Wednesday afternoon and our Monthly Lunch meeting on Thursday.

The Needlecrafters meeting was a wonderful event hosted by Tracy.  

The Lunch was held in Camana Bay at Agua.

This coming week it is the turn of the Book Club and the Happy Hour.

If you would like to join the Book Club, you are very welcome whether you have read the book or not.  We would love to have you join us.  Just push the RSVP button or email

Please also reply for this month's Happy Hour.  It is being held in the West Bay area.  We would love you all to come.  Just push the RSVP button.  The more the merrier.  Having said that our numbers are getting smaller as people are leaving the island as the weather gets warmer. It just means fewer people need to make more noise so that it seems more people are present!  Also, in the case of the Happy Hour, you need to eat more food!

Please don't forget our usual Pickleball and Mahjong gatherings.  There is plenty going on to stop you getting bored.  And if you are bored, please invent another activity for us to do.  We would love you to come forward with an idea!

All the details can be found in the full newsletter found here.

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