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News for 1st January 2024

I hope that you have all enjoyed the Holiday Season and are fully rested.

There is nothing that has changed this week, so the body of this Newsletter is the same as last week.

I just wanted to remind you all that our activities will all start up again this week after the break for Christmas so please have a read through and decide what you would like to attend and then please RSVP.

Our Mahjong sessions will recommence on Wednesday 3rd January, and it is our Monthly Breakfast on Thursday 4th January.

The following week, on the 11th of January will be our first Bowling meeting of the year so don't forget to RSVP for that as well.

I look forward to seeing you all at some event and hearing of all the fun you had.

Our Membership Fee of $35 is now due so I look forward to all you lovely Ladies joining us for another year of fun.

I am usually around Fresh for the Mahjong sessions or at the Breakfasts or Lunches.  If you don't make those events, then please email me and we can arrange to meet, or you can pay by bank transfer if that is easier for you.  Of course, I would much rather see you in person!

Please refer to our full newsletter to get all the details about upcoming events.

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