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News for 14 May 2023

I hope you are all having a fantastic long weekend and enjoying the extra day holiday.  The weather so far seems to be behaving itself, at least during the daylight hours.  What have you all been spending your time doing?  I hope you have been having fun.

The International Ladies Club have been putting their thinking caps on to try and bring to you new and exciting events for you to attend so that you don't get bored.  If you have any other ideas which our ladies may be interested in please contact one of the committee members and we will see if it is something that we can arrange for our ladies.  (Maybe it is something that you can arrange for us?)

Last week some of our ladies attended the bowling event on Thursday afternoon.  It was an afternoon full of fun and laughter and the time passed very quickly. Why don't you sign up for the event next time and see what you are missing?

Our fortnightly Needlecrafters meeting is happening this week on Wednesday afternoon if you fancy trying your hand at some craft or other. Maybe you just want to attend for a cup of tea and seeing how something is done or some advice on how to alter a piece. Either way you would be very welcome.  Just push the RSVP button in the Newsletter.

This is also the week of the Monthly Lunch gathering.  Please join all the other wonderful ladies at Agua for a sumptuous lunch at 12.30 on Thursday.  You won't be disappointed.  

If you are intending to come to the Book Club meeting at Fresh on 25th May for the first time, we would love to welcome you.  The book for this month is State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.  If you have time to read it, great.  If you don't have time to finish it, never mind you are still welcome to attend.

Catch up on more news and find all the details about upcoming events in the full newsletter.

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