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News for 10th December 2023

As the weather cools down and the breezes pick up, the pretty lights become more abundant, and people seem to be shopping with more gusto are you more stressed or more chilled?

Either way we have something to sort you out!  We have activities which will take your mind off all the madness which is going on around you.  Even if it is only a cup of coffee and a game of Canasta.  Or your poison might be a frantic game of Pickleball.  Whichever you choose there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Don't forget our wonderful festive Lunch at Pappagallos this week on Thursday.  It should be a wonderful opportunity to meet many of our ladies and have a chat in a relaxed atmosphere. There will be raffle prizes at the event as well as a White Elephant table if you would like to take part.

If you are taking part in the White Elephant event, please bring a gift which is wrapped.  This is to be put on a separate table from the raffle prizes, but a raffle ticket is to be taken.  A draw will be done after lunch and if your number is called you may choose any gift from the table that takes your fancy!

The Breakfast Bingo event was as wonderful as it was anticipated to be!  Everyone who I spoke to said what a fantastic time they all had.  The food was great, and the bingo games were fun even though the number balls did try to escape on occasion!  The ladies seemed very pleased with the chocolates and the wine which were provided as prizes!

Our Membership Fee of $35 is due on the 1st of January but if you see me and want to pay now you can.  I am usually around Fresh for the Mahjong sessions or at the Breakfasts or Lunches.  If you don't make those events, then please email me and we can arrange to meet, or you can pay by bank transfer if that is easier for you.  Of course, I would much rather see you in person!

After the Christmas Lunch it is going to be a bit quiet until after New Year as a lot of you Lovely Ladies are either away visiting Family or Friends or have visitors here but I hope that when we meet again after the festivities you will have lots of lovely stories to tell each other about what you got up to while we were otherwise engaged!

Please click here to read the full newsletter with all the details regarding upcoming events.

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