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End of Summer Break - 19 August 2023

I hope that you are all enjoying the summer break and are not too bored.

The time is almost upon us when we will begin our regular meetings and I trust that you are all looking forward to seeing everyone.

I am sending out this Newsletter to remind you of all the exciting activities we have organised for September. Although the body of this Newsletter is a repeat of the last one I sent out, I am resending it to remind you all that the time is upon us when we should be thinking of hitting the RSVP button. This is to enable us to book all the activities on the agenda and we can inform the venues how many wonderful ladies to expect.

Please take a few minutes to re-read the Newsletter and decide which of the activities you would like to take part in. You can find the full newsletter here.

I hope you see you all during September at an event so that we can catch up on all the fun things you have been doing over the summer.

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