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Book Club is back in person!

Seven eager readers REUNITED as ILC Book Club returned to normality this Tuesday after four months of Zoom video conferences. 

It couldn’t have been a merrier morning.  So good to see everyone again! Endless stories to share. 

Meeting was called in order after a good 60 minutes of chatting and a couple flutes of colorful citrus breakfast sangria enjoyed. 

The  discussion about the Dutch House by Ann Patchett was the liveliest i can remember in a long time; the themes in the book brought up interesting topics such as: Can a person forgive a parent who walked away? Can strong devotion to some idealism overpower the duty to bring up your children?  Can missionary work and raising a family be combined? 

Book club rated Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House 7.8/ 10 points.

Everyone agreed she writes well, Chris and Andrea found it a sad story, Jennifer pointed out that all the characters had one thing in common - they were stuck in their narrow minded lives  and didn’t find a way to move on, hence nothing major happened. - except they got older and some eventually died- which adds to the sadness. Lindsay was doubting If dying with dementia was a punishment enough for the unlikeable step mother  character as most pain and sadness really falls on the ones around her watching the disease progress.

I found listening the audio book version read by Tom Hanks a perfectly relaxing escape from daily routines and somehow there was enough room left to let your imagination fly. Christine S seconds the praise of Tom Hanks. I also liked the fact that Ann Patchett had very solid background knowledge about the places, professions and legal matters she wrote about.

Ruth made an excellent suggestion to send out the discussion topics in advance to those participating, so you have an idea what kind of question you might be facing at in the meeting. Thank you Ruth, we shall do that next time.

Barbara via email nicely wrapped it up:

“The Dutch House gets an 8.

It’s been a while since I read it and what remains is the profound sadness I felt for Danny and Maeve that they let their past poison their future and how that shared past bound them to it and in it. 

Obviously that was the story. Hopefully it will be a lesson  for the reader.”

Should you want to revisit the Dutch House and learn some quite interesting details here is the link to Ann Pachett questions answered:

Christine found a recent  podcast where Ann Patchett was discussing The Dutch House. It was an interesting listen. You can find it here: Gretchen Rubin podcast, episode 283. It is only a couple of weeks old. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you all participating, and super thanks to Andrea for hosting AND inviting us to meet at her house again next month - really appreciate it, as we slowly but surely getting back to the usual “host picks the book” routine again.

To move on we have decided on the following reading list and hosts for the upcoming months:

Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner

At Andrea’s House (AGAIN!), Kirsti co-hosting with refreshments.

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

Meeting place/ host TBA

Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

Meeting place/ host TBA

Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin

Jennifer is hosting

(Please note this been changed after the. meeting!!!)

December: date and book TBA

Ruth is hosting. 

All meetings take place on Tuesday mornings  at 10 am

Hope to see you all then!

Happy reading!


ILC book club coordinator

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